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Your Identity in Christ is key to a profitable life in Christ!
Discover the rich inheritance in the foundation of our
Christian belief.

There is a place in every church for people who are on fire for the kingdom of God. If you feel as if your church is dead, then, as much as is possible, be a part of the solution. Bring a fresh breath of life into it with your fire and not just with your words. The fire of God can come at any time, but it only stays when you are in a right relationship with Him.


"When something gets boring "it no longer satisfies! This is true in every sphere of life and ministry. Is there a cure for boring, predicable 'churchianity'? Of course there is  "it is vibrant, relevant, relational Christianity! Duane Harlow does us a great service by showing us the way of escape from the trap of 'religiousity' back in the reality of a life giving relationship with the Christ Jesus. Join Duane and other pioneers by blazing a trail into the church of the future * yes, a church without walls - a life where God is alive and
well on planet earth and nothing is predictable!"

Dr. James W. Goll
Cofounder of Encounters Network

"The face of Christianity in America is undergoing great change. Status quo is being challenged and mediocrity is no longer acceptable. In Breaking Out, Duane Harlow contributes to this facelift by asking overdue questions and offering insightful answers.

Dutch Sheets
Dutch Sheets Ministries

God is continually offering new wine of the Spirit, but He will only pour it out into
New wineskins. What is the new wineskin for you? In this outstanding book, Duane
Harlow clearly shows you how to move forward to receive the full destiny that God
has for you!

C. Peter Wagner, Chancellor
Wagner Leadership Institute


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