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Revelations from the Cave

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Revelations from the Cave
(1 Samuel 22:1-2)

There is much we can learn from this Story of David and Adullam Cave.

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I believe we will all have or have had a cave experience so lets learn as much as we can from David's


What's to be gained?....What's to be learned?....What happens when we are in "The Cave" or when we have been "Set Aside" for a time?

Is it "man" or "God"?

How should we view the Cave? With fear? With dread? What are our expectations?

"If God is preparing you for the next step up in your ministry or a new direction in your life, then you can    expect to have a Cave experience in your near future".

When will you emerge from your cave??

How will you emerge, "Better or Bitter?"


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