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Imitate Me by D. Sterling Harlow


 I'm a son, I'm a Son? I am a Son of God!

In several places in the bible the Apostle Paul makes the statement "Imitate Me" however here in Ephesians 5:1 he specifically states "Imitate God." He makes the argument that as children of God we are to imitate Him. This book by D. Sterling Harlow takes us on a journey of discovering just what that means. How do I imitate God? Does He really believe we can?

  • Can "I" really do the things that Jesus did?

  • Does God really expect me too?

  •  How could I do what you did?

To Imitate means what? To do the very same thing He did with the same heart and the same attitude He did them with, and then to get the same results He did. What did He do and what was His heart attitude? It is my sincere desire that we can discover these great truths, as we look to His word and His ways together.


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